Review: Parblo A4S LED Light Pad

Disclaimer: All thoughts stated here are solely of my own opinion. 

Hi all! Today, I’m super excited to be reviewing Parblo’s 5 mm A4S LED Light Pad. If you haven’t heard of Parblo before, they’re a Chinese tech company that specializes in art tools. I’ve been impressed by the quality and pricing of their products in the past (I recently bought their A610 Drawing Tablet) and was thrilled when they contacted me to tell me I’d won a giveaway they’d hosted on Facebook. I’ve owned it for about two weeks now and have used it pretty extensively. It’s super handy and can be used for so much (helped me finish an AP art project).

Here are the specifications straight from Parblo’s site:

Material Acrylic
Color Black
Dimension 360x265x5mm
Color temperature 10000K
Lum 2000lux
Power 1.4W
Voltage 5V
Cable length 2M

My package (sold and shipped with Amazon Prime 2-day shipping) contained the light pad, a power cable, wall adapter, and a Pergear cleaning kit.
img_0071Overall, I’m impressed by the amount of power and ease the light pad had since it is of such small size and price. It’s super simple to use: just plug the adapter end of the power cord into the pad, the USB end into the wall adapter, the wall adapter into (you guessed it!) the wall. Touch the power button and, voila, you’ve got a working light pad! The light goes from dim to a tolerable light setting and can be adjusted by touching and holding  the power button.

Here it is on max power without paper…

and in use with two sheets.

Bottom Line: 5/5 stars!

I’m happy a company like Parblo exists so students like me who are on a budget can still work toward their dreams! You can find it on Amazon here: ranging from $39.99 to $49.99 based on size and accessories. Thanks Parblo!



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